a project and installation by Nora de Baan & Maja Gehrig, 2010

Artspace Rondeel Maastricht - ARM is a low budget venture, an independent cultural space where future initiatives are founded and nourished, a 400 square meter platform for experiments.

Due to modification of a building project, in 2010 a rent of 25 000 euros a year was required.
ARM400 was our reaction to save that artspace. We tried to get together a leaser collective of 400 people, one leaser for every square meter. 1 square meter for 17 cents per day. The landlord would get that amount of money under the precondition to reinvest the hire charge with the factor 1,3 back in the cultural sector.

ARM400 on local Television

Grab your chance to rent 1 square meter out of 400 and be part of the biggest leaser collective Maastricht has ever seen!

400 squares for 25'000 euros/year = 1 square for 62.50 euros/year
= 1 square for 17 cents/day Thats for peanuts but nutrient-rich…